Commercial-Grade Displays

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Digital signage is used in a variety of locations for many different reasons, so having endless display options is essential. Gone are the days of power point slideshows, presentations are now filled with loads of dynamic images and appealing information. While consumer-grade TV’s were the original option for displaying signage, commercial-grade monitors have been developed to handle the needs of newer more intricate digital signage presentations. They are built to withstand constant use and are much more durable systems, providing significantly longer lifespans and higher quality than consumer grade. These displays help provide a high-quality digital signage system that will be hassle-free for many years. One of the features that make commercial screens stand out from consumer-grade monitors are their cooling mechanisms and ability to dissipate the heat that is accumulated during normal operations. Consumer-grade monitors are not made to be used so extensively, so deploying a signage presentation with a lower end monitor often causes permanent damage to the hardware and a disappointing presentation.



Commercial-Grade Monitor Benefits:


Superior Quality

Commercial screens are brighter and boast a better contrast ratio and wider viewing angle than consumer screens, which are only designed to be viewed from close distances. They offer advanced anti-burn-in and image-retention features standard.

Security Features

Secure your presentation by locking display buttons, preventing viewer tampering.

Rotate Your Screen

Alternate between portrait and landscape orientations to keep your presentation fresh (special mounting  may be required).

Advanced Multi-Screen/Video Wall Options

Utilize your empty wall space by using multi-screecn options, making your presentation seamless from display to display.

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We offer a variety of commercial-grade display options from the leading manufacters in the digital signage industry. With displays from LG, Samsung, and NEC, you can provide your customers with a digital sign experience like no other. We understand that adding a digital sign is an investment that will need to be beneficial for years to come, so we provide quality products to ensure its durability and longevity. We strive to provide a complete digital signage service that entices all of your customers on sight and presents your business with the  opportunity for financial gain.


What’s the Next Step?

Custom Digital Signage is ready to help you with all your signage hardware needs. Whether you are in need of a simple media player or our networked server players, see how Custom digital signage can help you choose the right equipment for a successful digital signage presentation.