Why Commercial Displays


Compatibility with PCs and Media Players

Commercial signage screens are designed to be compatible with PC and AV standards, and are better equip for media players. Consumer screens are only designed for TV and video usage , which makes the quality difference noticeable.

Security Features

Commercial screens offer locking features which allow you to lock their buttons as a necessary security measure. This feature is essential for signs located in public places. Consumer screens do not offer control-locking features.

Better Viewing Quality

Commercial screens are brighter, boast a better contrast ratio and wider viewing angle than consumer screens. Consumer screens are designed to only be viewed from a close distance.

Anti-Burn-In Technology

Signage should be a constant marketing solution for many years to come. The extensive advancedanti-burn-in and image-retention features that come standard on commercial screens are not offered on consumer screens.

Edge and Backlight for Improved Gray-scale

Commercial displays will produce a full gray-scale and good linear color tracking from black to white showing all 255 levels of brightness, which is recommended for most PC applications used in digital signage. The gray-scale for consumer displays is skewed for the bright white end of the scale used for TV and video applications.

Longer Life-Span Commercial displays are engineered with high-quality parts, they can endure the wear and tear of being on for long periods of time. Consumer screens cannot stand up to the extensive use required by a digital signage presentation and have a much shorter lifespan.

Internal Scalier/Algorithm Commercial screens recognize all PC resolutions including wide formats and different refresh rates as well as TV/video resolutions. Designed specifically for T\//video formats, consumer screens offer very limited PC resolutions.

Extended Warranties

While commercial displays usually offer robust multi-year warranties, the shorter warranties on consumer screens can be voided if screens are used in a commercial setting for extended hours. Insurance may also not cover any losses if consumer screens are used for digital signage.

Long Operating Hours and Heat Effects

Commercial screens contain cooling mechanisms and dissipate heat to handle long operating hours. Consumer screens are not equipped to stand up to long operating hours and high heat levels associated with digital signage deployment, often causing permanent damage to the hardware.

Portrait and Landscape Display Orientation Flexibility

Alternating between landscape and portrait orientation is possible with commercial screens, but consumer screens typically only offer landscape capability.

Mounting Capabilities

Mounting connections on commercial displays complement standard industry mounting devices and allow for easier installations. Consumer displays are usually not VESA-compliant or compatible with many third party mounts and may require special mounting brackets.


What’s the Next Step?

Custom Digital Signage is ready to help you with all your digital signage display needs. We complete each project in a completely custom for each of our clients to ensure your presentation yields the desired results. Whether you need a simple 42 Inch flat panel, or an 80″ outdoor display – we can find a solution to fit your needs and budget.