[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Before I ever cared to create a single digital products, I always had the desire to make happiness. When I was 10 I knew I would be a writer. I just loved the idea of inspiring people through emotions and ideas that truly broadened their point of view. I thought I could do this through poetry and story’s. I would write for hours about everything, just to hide my journals tucked away, never to be read by any other human eyes. I slowly realized that writing was going to be a lot harder than I imagined because I was always so afraid to let anyone actually read any of them. I just knew with words, they could be interpreted in so many ways but at the same time were very rigid in their meanings, almost judgmental. I wanted to please every body with my words but was that really possible? Did I really want to write 1 book that was for everyone? Include every genre in every style? Could I really do all that work?!

Nothing of course is impossible but I knew that wasn’t the way. A few years later as the internet boomed. Windows XP was still the bomb (I miss the 90’s) and I landed my first version of Photoshop I knew I was on to something. I totally knew these computer things were going to take over the world. The expandability, the designs, oh the possibilities.

Digital graphic totally encapsulated my thoughts. Unlike words, abstract and semi-technical drawings added a whole new dimension to what was possible. With no true meanings I could help someone else visualize their ideas, helping express who they were by things other than words. At this time I was just designing MySpace HTML layouts (humble beginnings right) and was picked up for a position designing layouts for popular internet personalities and musicians. As fads do, that time came and went but I long after had a desire to create cool products for people who really cared about showing people who they truly are.

As I grew in business I realized I wanted the same to be true about what I was doing. After working at a local big time print shop and working for Desai Communications (PepsiCo Branding) I just couldn’t resist the urge to help this new sector of digital people who needed help with putting their passion into processes that help their overall well being .

When we started offering Custom Digital Signage in 2012, we loved the idea of helping every business possible, but as I already knew we couldn’t be for everybody even if we wanted to.

And that’s okay.

In life to truly become a genuine success you must strengthen your core values and stay true to yourself. We wanted to provide easy to use products and solutions that were made with the customers purpose and passion in mind. Just as I couldn’t be Judy Blume, Mark Twain, Nicholas Sparks and Stephen King in one (even though that would be a killer plot twist), we did not want be “One-Size-Fits-All” kinda people. 

So If you are interested in a generic quick fix, a custom solution is probably not for you. As much as we would love to help every business on the block we really can’t help those that aren’t as overly dedicated to genuine success, as we are. A custom solution is definitely not for the get rich quick ideas or people not concerned for their overall brand quality.

We are all about solutions that fit like your favorite pair of jeans – the nicest overall for your budget that make you look great. 

And we enjoy doing it! 

If there was one feeling we could help you transfer to your customer through your product, what would it be and how do you think it most benefits them?

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