Digital Restaurant Menu Boards

Captivate your customers with an eye-catching digital menu board for your restaurant. Digital restaurant menus provide a unique customer experience in any fast casual, fine dining or cafe style restaurant, by bringing your menu to life with attention-grabbing graphics and dynamic content. Most restaurants using digital signage utilize digital menu boards or handheld digital menus. Not only can you creatively display all your pricing and nutritional information, you can include interesting pictures or live integrated data, to add an innovative appeal to your facility. With multi-zone layout and visual options, the ability to up sale virtually any item is possible; Updating your menu has never been easier! By presenting your menu with exciting images and quality information you can positively influence your customers and easily increase your sales. Simple things like adding additional information for your various popular items, you can seamlessly add more value to your menu.

  • Establish an unique atmosphere and brand identity, while centrally controlling every location.
  • Automatically change between breakfast, lunch and dinner menus for optimal service and customer enjoyment.
  • Quickly–and easily–adjust prices, menu items and special offers.
  • Display calorie information to stay compliant with current legislation.
  • Customize your messaging based on time of day or demographic audience.
  • Reduce long lines and perceived wait times with better menu presentation.
  • Increase your revenue with eye-catching advertisements from local vendors.

Our boards are cost-effective and can ensure seamless multiple presentation at different locations, but still keeping your brand consistent. We can develop digital menu board solutions allowing franchisees to host their solution locally with the ability to update menu items and pricing, while corporate can maintain control of the overall presentation. We are always available to preform content updates, to keep your display fresh and effective.

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Custom Digital Signage can help you design a strategic and compelling digital menu board that turns your dining facility into a cutting edge eatery. Feel free to contact us for more information. Let us help you take your location into the next generation.

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