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When it comes to hardware, we are creative and flexible. Custom digital signage is truly a one-stop integrator for all your digital signage hardware needs. Signage presentations are made up of many physical parts including the display:

  • Additional Displays/Encasement
  • Digital Signage Accessories & Remotes
  • Mounting Equipment
  • Digital Signage Media Players
  • Workstations for all IT systems and physical environments

Hardware is the most important aspect of a digital signage network because it is what sustains your presentation into the future. Having the the ability to deliver dynamic content, and to change it as often as you want or need is essential to any digital signage presentation. All of our media distribution servers come with cloud server storage and Intel processors, to keep your content displayed accurately, running effectively, and your system running reliably. We can create custom distribution servers to meet the needs of any enterprise.

What’s the Next Step?

Custom Digital Signage is ready to help you with all your signage hardware needs. Whether you are in need of a simple media player or our networked server players, see how Custom digital signage can help you choose the right equipment for a successful digital signage presentation.[/t