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Halal Crispy Fried Chicken
New Fast-Casual Restaurant Concept


Stamford, CT

When first-time restaurant owner Faruk wanted to open a new fast casual location right outside of busy Downtown Stamford, he needed help with the project from A-Z. Not the typical help of finding suppliers, passing health inspections and making sure the electrical is correct, but the help of turning his idea into a functioning and profitable business.

The Challenge

As a first-time restaurateur, Faruk needed to learn about the branding side of selling food. Having worked for previous franchises, he knew there were certain aspects of a restaurant that made it successful besides the food. He had an idea to be a chicken place, but not just like all the other fired chicken joints in the city. It had to be unique and specific for this new business venture.

Our Solution

From many years of working with small business owners and first-time entrepreneurs alike, we had many resources we could leverage for Halal Crispy Fried Chicken. With the initial ideas in hand, Custom Digital Signage started strategizing the brand positioning and collateral designs. Being a unique & fun was important to Faruk, while still staying close to his cultural background. With a color scheme and logo in mind, we began to reflect Halal’s differentiators throughout the brands touch-points.

Custom Logo Design

Logo + Character Mascot Design

HCFC needed a logo that would not only display what they offered, but was truly unique to the Halal Crispy Fried Chicken. We started by evaluating the logos of other fast-casual brands. One thing we notices were a lot of the logos being used where stick figures or stock photos. Nobody was really creating an experience with their restaurant in the way we know possible. So we knew that Halal needed a custom Restaurant mascot that would set him apart. We had our in-house artist sketch & vectorize our customer approved designs.

Brand Identity

Brand Collateral Design

With logo completed, we then started creating a set of print collateral items for the grand opening. Creating cohesive brand designs required meshing the unique graphical elements with the must-haves of the restaurant industry. We utilized many textures suck as brush strokes and wood to add a modern rustic feel that diversifies his location from other chicken restaurants. We created simple yet effective printed materials including business cards, hand-out menus, letter head and flyer postcards, to complete his initial marketing needs.


Digital Menu Boards + POS System

Besides the food, your menu presentation and ordering experience are the next most important aspects to consider. Being the first location for HCFC, finding the perfect line process was not an easy task. Where would they stand in line? Where could they sit? Although we had little room to work with, we were able to install a digital menu board system with POP display in the common areas and a 15-in touchscreen POS system with kitchen printer set-up for a smooth ordering process.

Outdoor Signage

Sometimes completely replacing something isn’t always the answer – especially when you are a new business owner on a tight budget. After analyzing the current outdoor sign, we realized we could utilize the current framing and replace the lighting and acrylic front face which would save Faruk thousands. We replaced the old bulb lighting with new LED strip lights, and replaced the signage front with a new U/V printed design for a brand-new outdoor light-box.

HCFC Outdoor Light Box


With a hot variety and great taste, HCFC opened its doors to more than 100 new customers on its first day ! Utilizing their new brand identity and in-store technology, HCFC has positioned itself to connect with the new generation of foodies, in the way they like to be reached. HCFC continues to attract new customers with their good food and warm atmosphere.

Big Picture

Even though Halal is still in its early stages, they have quickly become one of Stamford’s new West-side favorites. With their custom logo and branded collateral and use of technology, they have positioned themselves as a very modern yet creative restaurant that’s sure to be here for many years to come.

CDS Insights

Custom Digital Signage was able to develop Halal Crispy Fried Chicken into a unique fast-casual concept, ready for scaling to franchiee status. We gave them all the tools needed to be able to stand against their competitors and create a space for themselves in such a crowded market. The overall branding and Digital Menu Boards were key to HCFC’s success and we were too happy to be a part of it!