MTVU Intallations


MTVU – North Carolina Central University


NCCU was looking to update their campus with a new system for their students to utilize during downtime on campus. They reached out to MTV to provide MTVU – a satellite-based music station exclusively for universities. With such an intricate installation process, MTVU provided our technical services to complete this project to satisfaction.


We were able to help NCCU complete this project in a 4 week time-frame. Our skilled technicians surveyed the site to review all necessary materials and ensure optimal placement of all displays. We coordinated the delivery of all equipment to our warehouse to ensure seamless installation and scheduling. When it was time to deploy this new system, we installed a satellite, provided networking and configuration services, and also cabled and mounted 10 Samsung 47″ large format displays, in varies mounting styles and places around the facility.


We were able to help NCCU seamlessly integrate a dynamic entertainment solution for their students without the hassle of having to manage a project of this size. along with many other MTVU facilities were able to. We were just happy to be an essential aspect of 2 great things connecting to innovate the future – that’s what we love to do!