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All media players require some kind of software to complete your digital signage system — one component for content management and one for content playback. All of our media players come with premium software that is updated remotely using what is know as cloud storage. We will assist you with your presentation by controlling all the updates or giving you the option to update certain portions on your on. You can be as involved in your presentation as you would like. We offer the convenience of updating your presentation professional with your branded content to keep your job a little simpler. We know that having the latest in technology is an important part of any business, so we provide you with software that easily expands with your business. Our software includes varies coding options which allow for the streaming of dynamic internet based content along with local options such as live television. 

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Our Digital Signage Software offers comprehensive features including:

  • Custom screen layout templates (HTML/Javascript/Flash coded)
  • Emergency messaging control from a cell phone
  • Scheduling  module — set it and forget it
  • Interactivity and touchscreen support
  • Advertising sales management including ad tracking and billing
  • Playback reporting
  • Variable timelines for different locations with the same presentation
  • Live TV support
  • Live data integration
  • Variable transparency for content/template regions

Adaptable. Our software for digital signage easily adapts to your business as it grows- from adding addition displays to standalone user-interactive systems.

Feature rich. Our software for digital signage offers all the features you want like real-time weather and news, stock ticker, emergency broadcasts and live-data integration. Creating a visually dynamic digital sign that grabs your viewers’ attention can be accomplished by blending rich multi-media, spreadsheets and many other content types with ease.

Cost-effective. Custom digital signage’s software can work on your existing hardware which delivers a cost-effective custom solution with low start-up costs.

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What’s the Next Step?

Custom Digital Signage is ready to help you with all your signage software needs. Whether you are in need of a simple sign solution or an enterprise size package, see how Custom Digital Signage can help you choose the the software features that best suit you.