Digital Signage

You know all those screens you see displaying cool information, that frequently capture your attention? Well, that’s digital signage and its growing more and more in popularity. You may ask “What is Digital Signage?” – and its actually pretty simple. These electronic displays, either LCD or LED, can show just about anythinganimations, videos, broadcasts, menus, advertising, information – the list goes on!

They can be used to inform and entertain virtually any audience as the content can be custom tailored to any business and their clientele.

You may think how has this become so popular? Or you may be like most of us wondering why these screens aren’t everywhere yet! And the answer is pretty simple: as awesome as this seems its not a “plug and play” idea. It requires strategy, development and proper deployment to make any digital presentation successful.

Digital signage is very simple.

Digital signage is a form of electronic display, usually a monitor, that shows a variety of content including television, menus, advertising, information, and other messages. They can be used to inform and entertain virtually any audience as the content can be custom tailored to your business and clientele. They are made up of an intricate hardware system, high-end software, and eye-catching content system that have become a point of differentiation for many businesses. Since these signs can be used in almost any location, they are a cost effective and dynamic alternative to traditional static signs. Some include the ability to update content remotely over the web, adapt the screens to your viewers and even interact with your local audience.


Having the best hardware is the first component to having a successful digital signage presentation. Each sign requires a media player and monitor display to make the presentation view-able. Some presentations require more than one monitor and additional media players are needed depending on the presentation content (e.g. 2 TV’s playing different channels & presentations).

We can provide you with a top of the line media player to stream all your content with precision. We will assist you in finding the best commercial display to stream your content dynamically and be a financial asset to your business. Learn More


All media players require complex software to stream you content and keep it working accurately. All of our media players come with premium software that is updated remotely. We will assist you with your presentation by controlling all the You can be as involved in your presentation as you would like. We offer the convenience of updating your presentation professional as often as you would like. We know that having the latest in technology is an important part of any business, so we provide you with software that easily expands with your business. Our software includes varies coding options which allow for the streaming of dynamic internet based content along with local options such as live television. Learn More


The key to having a digital signage presentation that is entertaining and effective is having fresh content. Having content that is not only informational but captivating is what makes digital signage so effective. The most common digital signage content are real-time weather, news, stock ticker, emergency broadcasts, and slideshow displays. We provide you with standard and premium content to ensure you presentation is attractive and well branded to your business. Learn More

Digital Signage Features

  • Custom Screen Layouts (HTML/ HTML5)
  • Animation, Flash & 3D Graphic Support
  • Emergency Messaging Controls
  • Advanced Scheduling Module
  • Interactivity & Touchscreen Support
  • Digital Advertising
  • Sales Tracking & Playback Reporting
  • Variable Timelines For Different Location With Same Presentations.
  • Live TV & Data Integration

Most Common Applications

  • Welcome Displays
  • Informational Displays
  • Pricing Displays
  • Digital Directory Displays
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Digital Way-finding Displays
  • Digital Point-Of-Purchase Displays

Signage Installation & Support

Being full-service communication providers, our job goes beyond just your presentation and products offered. Every business should have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology by re-branding their business as an state-of-the-art facility, without being an expert in digital networking or marketing. With in-house installation, on-site or remote support, we make deploying  any digital system simple and easy.

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